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CBD Oil Colorado

CBD Oil Colorado: Thank You Mother Nature


Got Oil? CBD Jane’s has you covered with a multitude of options. We are the premier CBD store in Colorado and source only the finest oils from trusted hemp growers. CBD Jane’s manufactures some of Colorado’s best selling CBD product lines, all starting with the highest quality CBD oil. 

Our entire team are Colorado locals. The almost magical setting of Colorful Colorado helps drive the inspiration behind our product lines. The essence of the Colorado spirit is part of CBD Jane’s shining success. All aspects of CBD Jane’s products begin with Colorado’s unique and high-quality hemp farms that supply robust, fine CBD oils and isolates. 

There are plenty of choices in the market for CBD, but the true measure of any CBD product begins with the quality of the ingredients used. Next, great care and attention to detail must be observed during the manufacturing process so CBD Jane’s ensures high-quality, accurate potency, luxurious consistency, delicious tastes and desired effects. 

At CBD Jane’s, Our mission is to sustainably source the highest-quality ingredients, then formulate them to discover synergies, and manufacture the finest CBD product lines for consumers and businesses. The products are of superior quality, safe, effective, affordable and accessible; always created lovingly to produce something extraordinary. 

CBD Jane’s uses the CO2 extraction method to produce a broad spectrum CO2 oil that is always tested by certified laboratories to ensure exceptional quality. This produces oils that contain various (broad) trace compounds like CBG, CBC, and others. These trace compounds have biological activity and contribute to the “entourage effect”, enhancing the product's efficacy through synergistic interaction of the “entourage”. 

We combine CBD with the finest organic natural essential oils, emollients, natural butters and other activities like menthol, eucalyptus and camphor for example. Synergy exists between many of these natural raw materials, resulting in increased topical efficacy, pleasing sensations, and symptom diminishment. CBD Jane’s sources the finest raw materials from around the world to create balms, creams, burn/wound care salves and tinctures that the CBD community uses, loves and most importantly, buys again and again.

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